• Virtual private servers are provided by KVM
  • Place your VPS where your customers area
  • Scale up resources as the project scales up
Without an installation payment
Migration between different locations for all types of VPS
Unlimited traffic
Castom Image
Use a ready-made OS or Upload a custom Image via control panel
Ready-made and custom configurations
Ready-made and custom
Ready-made configurations and server configurator

Choose a server location

When ordering a VPS server you can choose one of the countries and cities available.

The perfect VPS for small and medium projects

Buy a VPS server. Virtual server hosting. Flexible system configuration, full access with administrator rights, isolated system on hardware virtualization KVM, no limit on the number of sites, databases, mailboxes.

Acrux plan
small sites

Suitable for users who want to manage their hosting

Not available


CPU 1 vCore E5-2697Av4


IP address IPv4+IPv6 Avalible!

Operating System
Nembus plan
mid-level sites

For those who have outgrown regular hosting and restrictions

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CPU 2 vCore E5-2697Av4


IP address IPv4+IPv6 Avalible!

Operating System
Sargas Plan
large portals and online stores

Favorable combination of resources for most projects

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CPU 3 vCore E5-2697Av4


IP address IPv4+IPv6 Avalible!

Operating System
Matar Plan
more files and speed

Large disk and more memory for large business sites

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CPU 4 vCore E5-2697Av4


IP address IPv4+IPv6 Avalible!

Operating System
Pollux plan
large databases and files

Ideal for those who need more space

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CPU 5 vCore E5-2697Av4


IP address IPv4+IPv6 Avalible!

Operating System
Castor plan
Development and testing

For professionals and big connoisseurs

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CPU 6 vCore E5-2697Av4


IP address IPv4+IPv6 Avalible!

Operating System
Intercrus Plan
virtual server for any task

Almost dedicated server at a low cost

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CPU 6 vCore E5-2697Av4


IP address IPv4+IPv6 Avalible!

Operating System

Create and modify your own pricing plan at any time via the service configurator.
Are you ready to start?


Key advantages of VPS server

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
A dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 address is provided with each server
IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
root access to a server
Use full access, configure and manage all modules of the operating system
root access to a server
Weekly backup to a remote server from $3 per month
Flexibility and accessibility. Change server parameters through the configurator at any time.
We will help you install the control panel and prepare the server for the first start free of charge.
Image upload
Upload your system Image via the control panel
Image upload
Resource guarantee
KVM virtualization. You get fully dedicated resources according to your pricing plan or your configuration
Resource guarantee

Ready-to-use operating systems

Use ready-to-use pre-installed images of Linux/Windows systems or upload your own

VPS Centos
Version 7,8,9,Stream
VPS Debian
Debian OS
Version 9,10,11
VPS Ubuntu
Ubuntu OS
Version 18,20,22
Alma Linux
Alma Linux
Version 8
Rocky Linux
Rocky Linux
Version 8
Version 12,13
Oracle Linux
Oracle Linux
Version 8
Windows Server
Windows Server
Version 16,19,22
Windows 10
Version 10 or 11 EN
Upload your system Image Upload your system Image How to download?

Automatic installation of scripts

Ready-made scripts with automatic installation upon server activation. From control panel to ready-to-use CMS systems

1С-Битрикс: Веб-окружение
Monitoring Tool
Web Framework
Website Control panel
LAMP + Nginx
Software bundle
Linux + Nginx
and MySQL + PHP stack
Private network
NetCat система управления
Wireguard VPN
Private Network
Apache Tomcat
Apache Tomcat
Java web application

Advanced configurator settings

Change server parameters when ordering and after server activation using the pricing plan configurator in the control panel

Server Administration
Get professional support and configuration of your Linux server from our system administrators.
from $35 for 1 hour of work
Data Center TIER III
DDOS Protection
DDOS protection for a single website. This includes Geo-blocking, a free SSL certificate, and DNS hosting for the domain
from $97
1Gbit/s connection port
IPv4 address
Use additional IPv4 addresses for your virtual machines. Add additional IP addresses when ordering or when needed
from $3
IPv4 and IPv6 address
Bandwidth 1Gbit/s
Update the traffic package and increase the channel speed to 1Gbit/s, with a permitted traffic volume of 30TB per month
from $60
DDOS protection
MAC address
Do you want to update the serial number of the equipment? Add a new MAC address to your virtual machine
from $3
MAC address
Simplify the setup and management of your server with the user-friendly Ispmanager 6 control panel.
from $3.50
Ispmanager control panel
Start your server and manage the environment using the Plesk Web ADMIN Edition control panel.
from $14.5
Plesk control panel
SSL certificate
Add a secure connection to your site with Sectigo® Positive SSL certificate for only $1!
from $1
SSL certificate

Included in all pricing plans

  • Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 address
  • SSH and SFTP access
  • Redundant VNC console
  • Basic administration
  • Linux, Windows or ISO installation
  • Installing the ISPmanager Control Panel
  • SSL certificate Let's Encrypt
  • Site migration to vps server
  • DDoS protection at L2-L4* level
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Enterprise class SSD/NVMe
  • 100% guaranteed resources

VPS features and functions we offer for you

Use VPS hosting from our company and get a great solution to host your websites and projects. Flexibility and accessibility of resources at any time.

Different locations

Different locations

Do you need a special location? We offer to host your projects in several countries. The virtual machine can be deployed in data centers in the central part of Russia, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and in the south-eastern part of the USA - Florida and others

Migration between locations

Migration between locations

Have you changed your plans? Is your project developing and expanding? Do you need to transfer your server from one location or country to another? We will migrate your server without data loss within a minimum amount of time by means of migration between clusters within one panel.

Data center

Data center

Our servers are located in reliable data centers in Russia and the USA. Data centers are located in IMAQLIQ and IXcellerate in Russia and in the world's largest traffic exchange point MI1 EQUINIX, MIAMI.

Affordable price

Affordable price

We offer a VPS server for rent at an affordable price in several countries. Regardless of the pricing plan characteristics, hosting country, the price remains equal for all configurations.

A large selection of operating systems

Operating systems

A wide range of operating systems Linux and Windows distribution kits are available for server installation. Didn't find the one you need? Upload your operating system via the ISO installer.

SSD/NVMe drives only

SSD or NVMe drives only

We use reliable SSD server drives to host our customers' data. SSD (Solid State Drive) and NVMe SSD are the new generation of storage drives that have replaced traditional hard disks.

Reliability and affordability

Reliability and affordability

Our company offers affordable solutions for renting VPS servers to accomplish various tasks. With our VPS hosting you can customize server resources according to the requirements and specifics of your project.

Data accessibility

Data accessibility

There are no restrictions. You can freely access the management of your projects, files, databases, and other resources from anywhere in the world, without any restrictions, whenever you need it.

Full control

Full control

You will get full control over your server. We give you full root access to manage your environment and backup access to VNC control. Install any scripts, control panels, or software at any time.

Secure virtualization KVM

Secure virtualization

To create virtual machines, we use one of the most secure KVM hardware virtualization with vmmanager control panel. The load of other users on the same node will not interfere or hinder your projects.

We are always ready to help you!

If you have not found a suitable service or pricing plan that would satisfy the specifications of your project, we are always ready to offer individual conditions for hosting a virtual or dedicated server at the most affordable price.

With our company, the task of renting a server has never been so convenient!

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Payment options

We support a wide range of payment systems for your payments. Bank cards, electronic payment systems, and cryptocurrencies for verified clients.

Mastercard Visa Stripe payments Cryptomus Bitcoin Tether USD

Virtual server for any project

Renting a VDS or VPS server is a solution allowing you to get dedicated resources for your project without overpaying for excessive options. The service of renting a virtual server is much cheaper than renting a physical server. Prices for virtual machine services are several times lower, at the expense of calculated configurations and deployment of resources using hardware virtualization. This is the best option for hosting a business website, small online stores, testing applications, or highly loaded projects. We offer balanced VPS server plans that will suit any type of website and internet project. If necessary, if your project will require more resources, for example, as your business grows, the load on the project increases due to the greater interest of visitors or you need new capacity to expand the project, the characteristics of the server can be adjusted to meet the increased demands using the service configurator.

Virtual server for any project

Advantages of renting a virtual server

Renting a virtual server offers a number of advantages over cheaper shared hosting. In the latter case, one shared hosting server hosts sites and data of many clients; their projects share common resources among themselves, such as: CPU time, RAM, disk subsystem speed and the number of I/O operations. As a result, a situation may arise when the load on one of the user’s sites hosted on such a server increases, and consequently the functionality of the entire hosting server may be disrupted. That will lead to complications in the work of all sites hosted on the same server. This option is suitable for hobby projects and personal pages that do not require high accessibility guarantees, but it is not enough for business clients and websites that need hosting in a dedicated environment.

Advantages of renting a virtual server

Virtual Hosting vs. VPS

Unlike shared hosting, which can be overloaded with other users, a VPS server hosts only one client and their website with all the dedicated resources at their disposal. In fact, a virtual server emulates physical hosting and, at the same time, gives the user full control over the configuration, software used, and other parameters of the server environment.
Thus, such a server is cheaper than building a physical server for a particular project, and if necessary, it is easier to modify it by adding more RAM, virtual processors, disk space to accommodate the data of your site. If you develop a highly loaded application, create an information portal, or a website for your business, this service is the best option.

Virtual Hosting vs. VPS

Resources with a guarantee

We use KVM hardware virtualization to create virtual machines. KVM virtualization has proven itself as a reliable and fast system with guaranteed resources for the end user, used by major hosting providers to deliver hosting services for ordinary webmasters and the corporate segment. All servers for hosting our clients are designed in such a way that there is no shortage of resources. You get exactly the resources you ordered for your virtual server, without overselling by other users. If you need stable service and guaranteed resources, KVM virtualization will help you get not only dedicated resources, but also enhance the speed of your project.

Resources with a guarantee


We strive to provide good service for reasonable money. To host our users' information we use servers with Intel Xeon E5-2697A v4 processors and Samsung PM1725a 3.2 TB NVMe server drives, which can write and process data up to 5 times faster than conventional SSD drives. Each host server is equipped with a total of 384GB of DDR4 2400MHz RAM to accommodate virtual machines, enabling the allocation of guaranteed resources without overselling. Depending on the chosen pricing plan for VPS or VDS server rental, you will get at your disposal: up to 128GB of RAM, up to 500GB on SSD and the option to order up to 12 virtual processors.


Create your project today!

Enjoy all server features and get maximum flexibility for your projects. Rent a virtual server with activation within 5 minutes.

Basic administration with ispmanager control panel installation included!

Choose a pricing plan
Create your project today

Convenience of using a virtual server

  • VPS hosting has long ago moved from a technically complex product for mastering by a webmaster to a standard set for hosting websites, internet portals and even the development and testing of various applications. Today, the use of VPS hosting has become the simplest and most accessible tool thanks to free and paid web server control panels such as ispmanager, ISPConfig, Ajenti, Virtualmin and others. All settings are done from the web interface, just like on a regular shared hosting.
  • Security. When using shared hosting, you cannot be sure that your data is safe. All shared hosting user data is hosted on a single physical host with unified settings. If one of the users is hacked, your data may be at risk. VPS hosting uses hardware virtualization and a fully dedicated environment for each user, including file data that is hosted on a dedicated disk inside a secure container.
  • Resource scaling. Start your experience with VPS service with minimal pricing plans. You can easily change VPS server resources almost on the fly. Your project is growing every day and you need to add more disk space? When renting a virtual server you can do this without moving the entire project to another hosting or server to a new hosting provider. Increasing and changing parameters such as the disk size. RAM is automatically increased from the control panel.
  • Utility. VPS hosting has a number of advantages in comparison with traditional hosting sites. When renting a virtual server you can place an unlimited number of sites, databases, FTP users, configure different versions of PHP for different management systems (CMS), set different limits for processing the processes, change and install additional software. VPS hosting service is definitely suitable for webmasters who have several websites, design studios, and companies with multiple websites of their representative offices.
  • For developers. VPS hosting is an excellent tool for developing and testing your own projects in a completely isolated and secure environment. You don't need to invest a lot of money in renting or buying your own server hardware. Do you need to host a private bot, application, or website before it is released to the market and public? On a VPS server you can limit access to resources at the operating system level and make the necessary customizations within your company, with your programmers and testers.

of renting a VPS server

  • Stability. Compared to shared hosting, VPS offers greater stability, flexibility and reliability of hosted data. Depending on the requirements of your project, you can add more resources, which may be required when there is an increased load on the site, for example, when your project generates maximum resource utilization during peak hours.
  • Flexibility and customization. You can customize your own VPS server for any task. Choose any operating system, install various add-ons, change script processing limits, use additional utilities to handle processes within your own virtual machine. Virtual server is available to both an ordinary user and an experienced webmaster.
  • Manageability. If you are just starting out and are not familiar with renting virtual machines, all of our VPS pricing plans include the installation of a commercial ispmanager control panel. The range of free and included services covers: initial server setup and site migration from another hosting provider. As an additional bonus for you, we offer SSL certificate for free.
  • Reserve server resources. Compared to shared hosting, VPS server offers more resources. If you switch from regular hosting to a virtual server, you will be surprised at how much more resources are available for placing files on the server. The minimum VPS pricing plan includes 20GB of disk space on an NVMe drive, which is a lot more than standard website hosting providers offer.
  • Secure virtualization. You can feel confident and calm for your hosted data and allocated resources. We offer renting virtual machines without overselling, which ensures that each user gets exactly the resources that are specified in their pricing plan. Your project will always have a dedicated KVM virtualization environment and a 100% guarantee of server resources usage.

Our other services

Dedicated server rental

More disk space, dedicated channel and top processors. Rent a dedicated server for your projects!

Pricing plans Dedicated Server
VPS with ispmanager control panel

Rent a virtual server with basic administration for hosting websites. Ispmanager license free of charge!

Pricing plans for VPS ispmanager