Software and Service License

Rent software for managing web hosting, virtual and dedicated servers. Our company offers licenses on the control panel that will allow you to easily manage websites and extensions, configure the operation of the web server in just one step using a single interface. Rent licenses and add-ons on the ispmanager control panel, cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, CloudLinux, Plesk.

License and software rental prices

When renting a virtual or dedicated server, the web server control panel will help you as an ideal assistant, which not only includes the ability to host your site, but also many web server settings with automatic installation of additional modules and extensions, the ability to create users with limited roles, create and manage mail domains, mailboxes, configure and installing different versions of PHP, installing and configuring Apache/Nginx and much more.

ispmanager 6 Lite
Up to 10 websites can be created
It's free when renting a dedicated server!
or $78.43 per year
Buy ISPmanager 6 Lite
ispmanager 6 Pro
Up to 50 websites, unlimited subdomains
App CloudLinux and Docker support
or $171.45 per year
Buy ISPmanager 6 Business
cPanel Admin Cloud
Use only on VPS
Up to 5 Accounts
$28.99/mo Buy cPanel Admin Cloud
cPanel Pro Cloud
Use only on VPS
Up to 30 Accounts
$40.99/mo Buy cPanel Pro Cloud
cPanel Premier
Usage on Dedicated servers and VPS
Up to 100 Accounts
$59.99/mo Buy cPanel Premier