Data centers. The perfect place to host your servers at «Serfstack»

Our company offers dedicated server rentals in reliable data centers around the world. This is a key feature that we offer to our customers. Our servers are hosted in reliable data centers in countries such as the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and Russia. Today we offer the rental of dedicated servers, virtual machines, cloud servers and the placement of your servers in any of the presented data centers.

Data center «IXcellerate»

The first place to host SerfStack servers in Russia was one of the largest «IXcellerate» data centers with a confirmed TIER-III certification level.

«IXcellerate» IXcellerate is one of the largest data centers in Russia, which was built with the participation of British representatives according to the European quality standard. The launch of the data center was carried out in parts, one workplace at different time periods. The first launch of the workroom with 220 server racks was carried out in 2013. The second server room was launched on 515 server racks and 2500 square meters. In total, the Ixcellerate data center has 3 server rooms reserved among themselves with TIER-III, IBM Level 3, PCI DSS, ISO 27000 (27001), ISO 9000 (9001), ISO 14001:2004 certification. Today, the data center has 3,315 running server racks, a dedicated capacity of 25.7 MW and connection to the largest network traffic exchange points.

Photo gallery of the data center IXcellerate

Data center «IMAQLIQ»

An additional place for hosting servers in Russia for our clients was the TIER-III commercial data center IMAQLIQ, located in the heart of St. Petersburg near the Neva River.

The total area of the data center is 5,000 square meters. The IMAQLIQ data center meets all modern standards, having the latest control systems and ensuring uninterrupted operation of systems that include several power inputs, independent UPS's and diesel generators, a powder fire extinguishing system, climate control units to ensure a comfortable climate when operating server equipment, independent Internet inputs and its own fiber optic network.

All the equipment in the data center is connected to several independent Internet channels, which allows you to avoid network interruptions and also ensure better connectivity around the world. To ensure uninterrupted access to the electrical circuit, all data center racks are connected to the diesel generator system, and to ensure a smooth transition, in case of an emergency power outage, automatic switching to backup power is performed within a few seconds from the moment the main power supply is turned off.

Data center «Greenhouse» (Worldstream)

As an extension of geolocation and stabilization of demand for services from new and existing customers, in 2024 our company launched dedicated and virtual server rental services in the Netherlands.

«Greenhouse» - is a TIER III data center (Worldstream provider), a flagship data center located in Naldwijk, the Netherlands, which combines all the functions and capabilities of a high-level corporate provider. This undoubtedly allows us to serve corporate and private clients with full confidence and impeccable quality of services.

As for reliability, all data center systems are fully reserved according to the N+1 scheme, which allows us to offer a guarantee of uninterrupted operation of the data center and all components at the highest level. As a backup and uninterruptible power supply, the data center uses an Eaton UPS with several generator sets with a total capacity of 2200 kVA with a confirmed ISO 14001:2015 certificate of compliance. The data center has the necessary certificates of conformity, namely: ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management Management, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 - information security standard, PCI DSS - payment security standard and ISO 14001:2015 - environmental management system. Compliance with these standards is confirmed every year by independent certification bodies.

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