Refund Policy


The first point we want to repeat is the one from our Terms of Service: when ordering a Service or Services for the first time, a new customer of our company has the right to request a refund within five (5) calendar days after payment has been made. In such cases, we can recalculate and refund the funds, but only for services and services that are eligible for refunds.

We can also refund funds to the client if, due to our own fault, we failed to provide the Service in full. To make a refund, the customer must complete an application for a refund via the ticket system and provide us with a copy of their identity document ( your ID), which matches their payment data. We undertake not to share the client's data with anyone (except in cases where there is a request from a government or law enforcement agency that is specifically interested in this client). We require your identity documents for one sole purpose – to protect both ourselves and the client from possible fraudulent activity. The request for a refund, as well as a copy of your identity document, is only available to us for the purpose of creating accounting documentation. We strongly advise you not to share your personal information with any third parties. Your application will be reviewed within 5 business days. A response to the request will then be sent to the refund ticket that you created. If your refund request is approved, we will send the funds to you within 7 business days, using the payment details you provided when you registered for your account and ordered the service.

For more information about refunds for cancellation of services, please see the Terms of Service under the Cancellation and Refund section.

The Service and Services are completed immediately after the data for accessing the Service has been sent to the client via email or a ticket system.

We do not refund funds in the following cases:

  1. The funds are non-refundable under any circumstances when ordering the Services:
  • Dedicated Server;
  • GPU Server or Graphics Server;
  • Software licenses;
  • Control panels;
  • SSL certificates;
  • and any administration services for your servers.
  1. Services ordered during the promotional period or activated using discount coupons are not eligible for a refund under any circumstances.
  2. When paying for Services or services with any cryptocurrency, a refund is never possible, as these payment methods are anonymous and we cannot be certain that the refund will be sent to our customer.
  3. If the IP address of your service is listed in third-party rating lists, which include various services to check the "purity" of the IP, you can submit an appeal to us with a link to such ratings. We will contact the relevant parties and do our best to have your IP removed from the list. However, we cannot consider refund requests in such cases as these restrictions are imposed by third parties and not by us, so we cannot influence them.
  4. We do not bear any responsibility in the event that your server becomes unavailable due to reasons beyond our control. This can happen, for example, if the authorities in your country choose not to allow certain types of traffic or IP address ranges. There are many restrictions in the world and we, the company, cannot influence these restrictions if they are imposed by third parties, so we also do not accept refund requests or compensation for funds in such cases.
  5. In the event that a customer insults or threatens our employees, demanding compensation or a refund, we have the right to block their account and refuse a request for a refund. Obscene or offensive language in communications with LLC employees is prohibited and could result in an account being blocked.
  6. Recalculation or refund of funds for an unused period are not considered by us. The customer has the right to either continue using the Service (services) during the period paid for by them, or to refuse the Service (services) without requiring compensation or a refund.
  7. In case of a refund, all expenses related to the refund process, as well as payment fees and bank charges, will be deducted from your account. Therefore, you will receive the refund amount minus all the expenses incurred during the refund procedure. As a general rule, these expenses are 10% of the total amount remaining in your account balance.
  8. Compensation can only be accrued if the service or service was offline due to our fault, and only to the balance of your personal account in the client area. This concept does not include disengaging the service by you, such as using the power button, malfunctioning software, resulting in the service being unavailable, or other circumstances in which LLC is not responsible for managing or providing the service. At the same time, accrued funds may only be used within the service and are not refundable.
  9. LLC has the right to suspend or terminate an account of a client against whom certain complaints have been received. In such cases, a refund is not possible. However, if the complaints were caused by the work of intruders, access to the account can be restored, but there will not be a refund, as these situations are outside our area of responsibility.
  10. The service is considered to be not fully rendered if the client has not received the resources (or received them in an incomplete amount) that we have declared, namely: CPU, GPU, RAM or DISK. However, the Internet channel does not fall under this list because there are no guaranteed metrics for it.

It is important to understand that we, as service providers, are responsible for technical support and the allocation of server capacity. Everything that happens on a client's server falls within their area of responsibility. We do not control or regulate your content or internet connection, nor are we responsible for ensuring that your software is compatible with our hardware. We do not provide free administration services for your service or server, nor do we configure any programs that you need to work with. Incompatibility of a particular program you can use is also not a reason for a refund.